Adjustable Necklace in Silver

Adjustable Necklace in Silver


Wears in (at least) 2 different ways. Tubes slide around leather cord to shorten or elongate necklace. Handmade using sterling silver tubing, on extra soft leather. Choose metal details (brass or silver) or bullet stone details.

  • Length: 16-36"

  • stones: rose quartz or tiger's eye

  • Materials: Sterling silver, natural-dyed leather

A note from us:

Well-loved jewelry requires care. To make your Lucia Pearl Jewelry shine and stand the test of time, we recommend using a polishing cloth on silver and brass, or applying a mild soap and water mixture with a soft brush to plated jewelry. Never submerge pieces fully in water. Store your Lucia Pearl Jewelry separately in a dry place. Most of all, make it yours & enjoy!

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