Interchangeable Bar Ring Extra Inserts

Interchangeable Bar Ring Extra Inserts

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Choose from either a short insert (perfect for everyday) or a long one for a "knuckle duster" look. This style is interchangeable, so you can collect different inserts to wear with your ring shank. You'll need either a Striped Bar Ring or a Bar Ring with Stones first (ring shank NOT included in this listing.)

Note: All inserts fit into any size ring shank. Mix and match metals, have fun!



-tube lengths: 1.25" or 2" 
-tube width: 3/16"
-4mm stones
-Metal options: brass or sterling silver
-Stone options: Peridot, Iolite, Citrine, Garnet


When it comes to caring for your brass or sterling silver jewelry, we recommend cleaning with a baking soda/soapy water mixture. This can be applied with an old toothbrush, or something like it. Silver cleaners, like Tarn-X may provide instant gratification, but they actually make your jewelry tarnish even faster as time goes by.

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