Eyes Ring

Eyes Ring

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In Berber tradition, some women are adorned with tattoos on their faces at a very young age in order to distinguish their tribe. This ring is representative of the tattooing as well as the ancient technique of hand-engraving still done in the medinas of Morocco. Choose from either brass or sterling silver. Part of the MAALEM + MAALEMA collection. 

*special sizes available upon request.


-Height: 1/2" (front) 1/4" (back)
-Sizes: 5-8
-Materials: Sterling silver or brass


When it comes to caring for your brass or sterling silver jewelry, we recommend cleaning with a baking soda/soapy water mixture. This can be applied with an old toothbrush, or something like it. Silver cleaners, like Tarn-X may provide instant gratification, but they actually make your jewelry tarnish even faster as time goes by.

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