Lucia Pearl is a collection of modern conversation pieces crafted by hand in Brooklyn, New York. Each concept is carefully considered by designer Lucia Perluck who first launched the line in 2015 with the goal of creating a brand that is both innovative and fashion-forward. Lucia approaches her work as a problem-solver, fabricating prototypes out of raw materials and incorporating clever mechanisms in her designs that encourage the wearer to interact with the piece in more ways than one. Lucia's inspirations and process result in edgy, unisex statement pieces that are versatile enough for everyday wear.

An artist residency brought Lucia to Fes, Morocco where she became fascinated with traditional Berber adornments as well as modern-day culture in the local medina. She paired with a Moroccan "Maalem" or, master of his craft, to turn drawings in her sketchbook into wearable mementos of her experience. Other elements of traditional Moroccan jewelry can also be found in Lucia's work, updated in order to compliment a contemporary wardrobe.